Seekh Kebab - $12.00

Minced lamb meat blended with spices and chopped onion and green pepper baked in tandoor

Chicken Biriyani - $12.99

Tender chicken, cooked with basmathi rice, mint leaves, Yogurt and ground spices

Steamed Rice - $ 3.99

Steamed basmati rice

Chicken Tikka - $12.99

Boneless chicken Marinated in yogurt nd freshly ground spices cooked in tandoor

Vegetable Biriyani - $ 10.99

Basmathi rice cooked in fresh mix vegetable with mint leaves and yogurt

Veg. Uttapam - $ 9.99

Indian rice pancake cooked with fresh mixed vegetables / your choice of topping

Tandoori Chicken - $18.99 (Full)

Chicken marinated in yogurt and freshly ground spices cooked in tandoori over (Half - $11.99)

Tamarind Rice - $ 5.99

Basmati rice cooked in tangy tamarind sauce

Rava Masala Dosa - $ 10.99

Thin wheat crepes with potatoes


Shrimp Biriyani - $14.99

Shrimp cooked with basmati rice, mint leaves, vogurt and spices

Lemon Rice - $5.99

Basmathi rice tempered with mustard, curry leaves, fresh lemon juices and turmeric powder

Cheese Masala Dosa - $ 11.99

Thin rice crepes with grated cheese and Potatoes

Lamb / Beef Biriyani - $13.99

Lamb/Beef cooked with basmati rice, mint , yogurt and ground spices

Peas Pulav - $4.99

Basmati rice cooked in green peas and Indian spices 

Mysore Masala Dosa - $ 10.99

Thin rice crepes with tangy coconut chutney and potatoes 

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